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Empowering Pacific educators through collaboration, the Pasifika Teachers network drives optimal student outcomes and global competency. Uniting under SDG4 and PacREF, we thrive in our shared wisdom and professional growth. Join us!

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Recalibrating Pacific education to empower our generations for global competency

We are a growing network of teachers of all levels from the wider Pacific region, with a common goal and the will to recalibrate Pacific education to optimise students’ learning outcomes and empower our generations for global competency and well-being. Reflecting the communal lifestyle of the Pacific, we work together, share and collaborate to solve problems, and conduct research to raise the quality of learning throughout the Pacific.

We are an active, growing community in the wider Pacific region

9000+Engagements to connect, create and collaborate
4180+Registered members from across the Pacific region
7134+Participants in professional development events
28We are 28 months old

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